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2020 Agenda


Breakfast Roundtable

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Networking and Registration


Chair’s Opening Remarks

Nicholas Neveling, Editor-at-large, Real Deals


Economic Outlook Presentation

Analysing Fundraising and Performance Trends in the UK and Beyond

  • Looking at the current deal-making landscape and anticipating volume and mix in the year ahead
  • A look at current ESG trends and their likely development in the year to come
  • 2019 in review - Outlining key data points and identifying changing trends

Mark O’Hare, Chief Executive Officer, Preqin


Market Trends Panel

The Evolution of the Market in 2019 and the Future

  • Debating the impact of economic and political context on fundraising and deal-making in the UK
  • Investigating LP attitudes towards regulations, terms and due-diligence and their impact on the UK fundraising landscape
  • Debating developments in fund strategy and specialisation
  • Addressing the need for liquidity and various routes to liquidity in a changing market
  • Anticipating trends which will shape private equity in a new decade

Chair: Mark O’Hare, Chief Executive Officer, Preqin

Daniel Boege, Partner, Head of Buyout, Golding Capital Partners

Simon Gordon, Director - Fund & Corporate Services, JTC

Peter Linthwaite, Head of Private Equity, Royal London Asset Management

Vince O’Brien, Chairman, Quest Fund Placement

Neale Broadhead, Managing Director, CVC Credit Partners


Case-Study Presentation

Digital Disruption - How Algorithms are Changing Traditional Deal Structures

  • A glimpse of the future (?) - AI and algorithms as lead generation, origination and management tools
  • Harnessing large-scale data analytics to find viable investment options and analyse relevant information
  • Using AI to identify opportunities early, putting your firm ahead of the curve

Mike Edwards, Chief Operating Partner, AnaCap Financial Partners


Networking and Coffee Break


​Panel Discussion

A Differentiated Strategy - Identifying New Areas of Opportunity through Origination and Deal-Sourcing

  • Finding new avenues of deal-sourcing and assessing their viability - From tech-enabled sourcing to carve-outs
  • Laserpoint or floodlight - Finding the right lead-generation strategy for your firm
  • Driving deal-flow through proactivity - off-market origination, proprietary deal-flow and more
  • Building relationships ahead of time to enable a successful auction process

Chair: Talya Misiri, Editor, Real Deals

Dominic Dalli, Partner, Sovereign Capital Partners

James Hales, Head of Deal Origination, NorthEdge Capital

Mike Innes, Senior Partner, Graphite Capital

Paolo Simonato, Managing Director, Blackrock

Frister Haveman, Founder,


Expert Interview

Setting Trends - What We Can Learn from US and European Venture Capital Investment Practises

  • Analysing the historic returns gap between US and European VC and its meaning
  • Taking risks to drive returns and differentiating US and European approaches
  • Independent research or following the market - How proactivity in determining investment themes sets managers apart in venture capital and private equity alike
  • Carving a niche - How European managers can deliver results and narrow the returns gap

Chair: Nicholas Neveling, Editor-at-large, Real Deals

Keith Arundale, Senior Visiting Fellow, ICMA Centre, Henley Business School, University of Reading

Alan Mackay, Executive Partner and Founder, GHO Capital

Eyal Malinger, Investment Director, Beringea


Roundtable Discussions

  • Diversity
  • Using Debt Leverage to Best Effect - Key Issues for 2020
  • Digitalisation
  • Buy-and-Build



​Case-Study Presentation

Elevated Standards - How Responsible Investment Creates New Market Leaders in Private Equity and Beyond

  • Finding alignment of positive impact and shareholder value - How ESG can lead to higher financial returns
  • Allocating resources and prioritising to drive an ESG agenda
  • Sharing lessons learned from integrating sustainability into the full investment process, from sourcing to exit

Elin Ljung, Director of Sustainability and Communication, Nordic Capital


Panel Discussion ​

More than Ticking Boxes - The Rising Importance of ESG and Impact Investing

  • Assessing the role of ESG and related risk mitigation in the due diligence process and investigating LP prioritisation of responsible investment in their asset allocation strategy
  • Discussing how UN SDGs factor into investment and value creation strategies
  • Beyond oil and gas - Understanding the importance of ESG to different sub-sectors and investigating opportunity areas as a result of increased focus on positive impact
  • Taking into account the impact climate and social change have on investments throughout the cycle
  • Discussing ESG and impact reporting and communication practises

Chair: Simon Howard, Chief Executive Officer, UK Sustainable Investment and Finance Association

Stefano Bacci, Partner and ESG Manager, Ambienta SGR

Andrew Carnwath, Director, Private Equity, BMO Global Asset Management

Maggie Loo, Partner Client & Strategy Development, Bridges Fund Management

Paul Newsome, Partner, Private Equity, Unigestion

John Tsui, Managing Principal, Peninsula House


Expert Interview

Risk Manager or Value Creator - Defining Private Equity Identity in 2020

  • Finding the right set of priorities for your firm to ensure lasting success
  • A people’s industry - Building the team to further your agenda and deliver returns
  • Communicating your firm’s agenda and image to investors and portfolio alike
  • Investigating changes in private equity houses’ strategic priorities throughout the last decade and readying yourself for the future

Chair: Olly Jackson, Senior Reporter, Real Deals

Martin Calderbank, Managing Partner, Agilitas Partners

Shani Zindel, Founder Partner and Chief Investment Officer, Livingbridge


Networking and Coffee Break


​Panel Discussion

Handing Over the Reigns - Succession Planning and Generational Change in Private Equity

  • Debating the adjustment of remuneration structures and carried interest
  • Getting with the times - The crucial role of diversity in succession planning and delivering returns
  • Providing upward mobility to retain top talent and ensure continued success
  • To new shores - Investigating spin-out trends and their success rates
  • Addressing LP concerns about a smooth transition to ensure continued success

Chair: Talya Misiri, Editor, Real Deals

Marco Natoli, Head of Lower Mid-Market - Northern, Eastern & Southern Europe, European Investment Fund

Imogen Richards, Partner, Global Head of Investment Structuring and Strategy, Pantheon

Elena Smirnova, Vice President, Glendower Capital

Gareth Whiley, Managing Partner, Silverfleet Capital


​Panel Discussion

Making the Most of It - The Question of Value Creation in Today’s Market

  • Identifying key value levers and creating a replicable value creation model
  • Leveraging operational improvements to drive lasting change
  • The role of technology and digital transformation in enabling value creation and the creation of fully digitised market leaders
  • Hiring and retaining the right talent to drive exceptional growth
  • Focusing on buy and build strategies to boost returns and increase capabilities

Chair: Olly Jackson, Senior Reporter, Real Deals

Marcus Brans, Head of Communications, Digital Group, Triton Partners

Andy Ducker, Founder Partner, Elaghmore Advisor

Mark Ligertwood, Partner, Dunedin

Samuel Robberts, Director of drxDATA, Drax


​Chair’s Closing Remarks

Nicholas Neveling, Editor-at-large, Real Deals


​Drinks Reception

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