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2020 Agenda


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Chair’s Opening Remarks

Nicholas Neveling, Editor, Real Deals


Economic Outlook Presentation

Analysing Fundraising and Performance Trends in the UK and Beyond

  • Looking at the current deal-making landscape and anticipating volume and mix in the year ahead
  • A look at current ESG trends and their likely development in the year to come
  • 2019 in review - Outlining key data points and identifying changing trends

Macro-Outlook Panel

The Evolution of the Market in 2019 and the Future

  • Debating the impact of economic and political context on fundraising and deal-making in the UK
  • Investigating LP attitudes towards regulations, terms and due-diligence and their impact on the UK fundraising landscape
  • Regionalisation and de-generalisation as strategies to stand out from the crowd
  • Addressing changes to average life of funds and options for liquidation
  • Discussing the significance of GP-led secondaries and restructuring as a result of market conditions

Case-Study Presentation

Digital Disruption - How Algorithms are Changing Traditional Deal Structures

  • A glimpse of the future (?) - AI and algorithms as lead generation, origination and management tools
  • Harnessing large-scale data analytics to find viable investment options and analyse relevant information
  • Using AI to identify opportunities early, putting your firm ahead of the curve

​Panel Discussion

A Differentiated Strategy - Identifying New Areas of Opportunity through Origination and Deal-Sourcing

  • Finding new avenues of deal-sourcing and assessing their viability - From tech-enabled sourcing to carve-outs
  • Laserpoint or floodlight - Finding the right lead-generation strategy for your firm
  • Driving deal-flow through proactivity - off-market origination, proprietary deal-flow and more
  • Building relationships ahead of time to enable a successful auction process

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Expert Panel

Setting Trends - What We Can Learn from US and European Venture Capital Investment Practises

  • Analysing the historic returns gap between US and European VC and its meaning
  • Taking risks to drive returns and differentiating US and European approaches
  • Independent research or following the market - How proactivity in determining investment themes sets managers apart in venture capital and private equity alike
  • Carving a niche - How European managers can deliver results and narrow the returns gap

​Keynote Presentation


Roundtable Discussions

  • Diversity
  • Debt
  • Digitalisation
  • GP-led Secondaries



​Case-Study Presentation

Elevated Standards - How Responsible Investment Creates New Market Leaders in Private Equity and Beyond

  • Finding alignment of positive impact and shareholder value - How ESG can lead to higher financial returns
  • Allocating resources and prioritising to drive an ESG agenda
  • Sharing lessons learned from creating sustainable market leaders

Panel Discussion ​

More than Ticking Boxes - The Rising Importance of ESG and Impact Investing

  • Assessing the role of ESG and related risk mitigation in the due diligence process
  • Investigating LP prioritisation of responsible investment, and reporting and communication as a crucial part of positive impact investing
  • Discussing how UN SDGs factor into investment and value creation strategies
  • Beyond oil and gas - Understanding the importance of ESG to different sub-sectors
  • Investigating opportunity areas as a result of increased focus on positive impact
  • Taking into account the impact climate and social change on investments throughout the cycle

​Expert Panel

Risky Business - Assessing, Mitigating and Communicating Reputational Risk Factors

  • Building the infrastructure to mitigate operational and reputational risks
  • Beyond the factory door - Considering risk factors throughout the supply chain
  • Discussing the importance of communication at times of crisis to protect long-term value
  • Choosing the right reporting tools to build lasting investor relationships
  • Sharing lessons learned from big stories in the operational due dilligence space

​Panel Discussion

Handing Over the Reigns - Succession Planning and Generational Change in Private Equity

  • Debating the adjustment of remuneration structures and carried interest
  • Getting with the times - The crucial role of diversity in succession planning and delivering returns
  • Providing upward mobility to retain top talent and ensure continued success
  • To new shores - Investigating spin-out trends and their success rates
  • Addressing LP concerns about a smooth transition to ensure continued success

Networking and Coffee Break


​Expert Presentation

Coming Out On Top - Navigating a Sellers’ Market

  • Employing the right due diligence strategy to ensure a successful deal
  • Setting yourself apart - Competing for assets in the current competition landscape
  • Investigating bilateral deals and public to private as ways of uncovering value

​Panel Discussion

Making the Most of It - The Question of Value Creation in Today’s Market

  • Identifying key value levers and creating a replicable value creation model
  • The role of technology and digital transformation in enabling value creation and the creation of fully digitised market leaders
  • Hiring and retaining the right talent to drive exceptional growth
  • Focusing on buy and build strategies to boost returns and increase capabilities
  • Leveraging operational improvements to drive lasting change

​Expert Presentation

The Endgame - Achieving Successful Exits against a Stormy Economic Backdrop

  • Addressing the slow-down in exit activity and considering the options
  • Assessing exit options and building strategy early to ensure a smooth transaction
  • The pros and cons of dual-track as a way of mitigating exit-risks and its impact on various stakeholders

​Chair’s Closing Remarks

Nicholas Neveling, Editor, Real Deals


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