Day One – Tuesday 5 February 2019 

Breakfast Briefing Networking and Registration
Breakfast Briefing
How Tech Can Help You Win That Deal

  • Which technology do you need to win business?
  • From AI to blockchain – What is out there and how can you benefit from it?
  • Case study - How technology got that deal

Emma Danks, Private Equity - Partner, Taylor Wessing

Networking and Registration
Keynote Panel
Global Economic Outlook and the Impact on Private Equity Deals

  • Two months to go – What are the likely effects of Brexit and how will this affect global investment in the UK?
  • Global investment trends – the impact on UK PE and LP asset allocation
  • What do tariff wars and rising interest rates mean for PE and PCs?
  • Sector growth – 5 year forecast

Mark O'Hare, Founder and Chief Executive, Preqin
Rt Hon David Laws
, Strategic Advisor, GK Strategy

Garry Wilson, Managing Partner, Endless

Case Study
4Ways Examining the Strategy Behind the Deal

  • Winning the deal
  • Scale and time frame of changes to the business
  • Which partners were used? How did this affect the process and outcome?
  • Strategy behind exiting the business for maximum returns 

Tim Ashlin, Partner, Synova Capital
Bill Priestley, Chief Investment Partner, Epris

LP/GP Speed Networking and Coffee Break
Industry Leader Discussion
Is the Climate for Fundraising Changing?
Out of the Box Speaker Presentation
Getting the Risk Taking and Decision Making Strategy Right in Deal Making
Networking Lunch
Stream One: GP Stream
Rising Stars
Hear from the Future of Private Equity
Stream Two: LP Stream
Keynote Address
Private Equity – What do we know and what are we learning

  • Analysing returns and compression in the latest data from the Oxford PE Institute
  • A warning on how measures are manipulated in marketing?
  • Fee Controversy - Investigating the latest research on fees and costs

John Gilligan, Director, Oxford University
Stream One: GP Stream
Which Industries Face Disruption in the Next 5-10 years?

  • How can GPs prepare, plan and embrace this?
  • Which sectors are attracting the most investment?
  • Is this likely to change?
  • Should GPs specialise or diversify? – Which delivers greater returns?
David Barbour, Managing Partner, FPE Capital
Bernard Dale, Managing Partner, Connection Capital
David Porter, Partner, Apposite Capital 
Florian Strehle, Partner, Alpina Partners
Stream Two: LP Stream
LP Discussion
Minimising Risk with Varied Scale and Size of Asset Allocation

  • What you need to think about when deciding where your money goes
  • Is GP reputation enough to base your decision on?
  • Which sectors are on the rise and set to grow for future returns?
  • Lessons learnt

Jean-Philippe Burcklen, Deputy Director, European Investment Fund
Ana Maria Harrison, Investor Relations, Adam Street Partners
Networking Break
Stream One: GP Stream
Case Study
Exiting for Optimum Returns
Stream Two: LP Stream
How should LPs Invest in Venture Capital?

Stream One: GP Stream
Attracting and Retaining Top Talent for your PCs

  • Hiring the right person to win business and create portfolio value
  • Looking outside the box – finding the right talent in unexpected places
  • Incentivisation - what works and what doesn’t
James Fassnidge, Partner, Drax
Stream Two: LP Stream
Creating and Communicating PC Value

  • Focusing on increasing transparency
  • Are GPs incentivised to push for best value?
  • Lots of money chasing limited deals – how is this affecting the market?
  • Creating and increasing value in PCs – what is the best method?
  • Financial engineering, distress management, debt control and/or debt management

James Hales, Head of Origination, NorthEdge
Nicol Fraser, Partner, Dunedin
Martin Calderbank, Managing Partner, Agilitas
Hamish Mair, Managing Director, Head of Private Equity, BMO Global Asset Management


An opportunity for a group of 10-15 participants to sit down and discuss a specific issue, share opinions and strategies in an informal environment

Roundtable 1 – Secondary Markets
Roundtable 2 – Exiting for optimum returns
Roundtable 3 – Debt
Roundtable 4 – Remuneration and Retention in GPs

Real Deals "Casino Royale" night!

You can join the industry for a relaxing drink and learn from poker expert Caspar Berry the ins and the outs of the game.

Day Two – Wednesday 6 February 2019

Networking and registration
Chairperson’s Opening Remarks
Keynote Panel
Examining the new GP business models in play

  • To what extent is a new GP business model needed?
  • Increasing duration of contracts - How longhold funds can work for you
  • Minority deals - Why the growth in popularity?
  • Co-investment - How can this work for both parties?
  • Trends in the Multi vs. Single-Product GP model
  • Client centricity and transparency within the successful GP model

Chair: Carolina Espinal, Managing Director, HarbourVest Partners

Julian Carr, Principal, Ethos Partners
Tarang Katira, Principal, Hamilton Lane
David Santos, Partner, Alantra Private Equity

On Board With Co-investment
Does Co-investing Deliver Better Performance and Stronger Results?

  • Transparency and trust - building the LP/GP relationship
  • What is the current GP/LP appetite for co-investment
  • Using co-investment to increase deal flow

Jan-Pieter Frederix, Principal, Private Equity Direct Investments, Unigestion
Jean-François Felix, Chief Finance Officer, Edmond de Rothschild Private Equity France
Daina Spedding, Investment Manager, Lewis Trust Group

Networking Break
Out of the Box Speaker Presentation
Ensuring Resilience in the Face of Difficult Deals and Stressful Scenarios

  • Dealing with rejection – Coping mechanisms for dealing with multiple bids that don’t convert
  • Managing stress and staying focused when working to tight deadlines

Cath Bishop, Olympic Rower and Diplomat

Expert Panel
Hiring Resilient People and Keeping them Engaged

  • Attributes to look for in candidates
  • Keeping the Individuals engaged in the company vision
  • Will Golden Handcuffs deliver the best outcome for your business?

David Menton, Managing Partner, Synova Capital

Just a PE Minute

A panel of PE experts will be challenged to speak for less than a minute without hesitation, deviation or repetition on market related issues that come up on the cards

Networking Lunch
Afternoon Keynote Address

  • Grown maturity of private equity as an asset class
  • Contrasting with the stock market
  • New trends in private equity
  • Focus on financial engineering, synthetic securities to address:
    • Management fees
    • Flattening the J curve
    • Downside protection and risk mitigation

Eli Talmor, Professor, London Business School

Case Study
Buying into the Secondary Market

  • What was purchased and why?
  • What was the decision making process between buying on the secondary market and investing directly?
  • How did the process differ from a standard deal?
  • Lessons learnt
How are Secondary Markets Evolving

  • Pricing and deal flows
  • Do secondary markets work better in some sectors rather than others?
  • Characterising the risk profile of primary vs. secondary investments
  • Making secondaries the norm in LP portfolios
  • Discussing the emergence of bespoke solutions within secondary transactions

Petra Bukovec, Principal, Pantheon Ventures
Carlo Pirzio-Biroli, Managing Partner and CEO, Glendower Capital
Yaron Zaffir, Head of Secondaries and Transactions, Rede Partners

Chairperson’s Closing Remarks and End of Conference

Lead Partner

Associate Partners

Junior Partner

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